According to Civil WarArmyRegulations: ""Each regiment of Infantry shall have two silken colors. The first, or the national color, of stars and stripes, as described for the garrison flag; the number and name of the regiment to be embroidered with silver on the center stripe. The second, or regimental color, to be blue, with the arms of the United States embroidered in silk on the center. The name of the regiment in a scroll, underneath the eagle. The size of each color to be six feet six inches fly, and six feet deep on the pike. The length of the pike, including the spear and ferrule, to be nine feet ten inches. The fringe yellow; cords and tassels, blue and white silk intermixed." After February 1862 also inscribed upon the colors of the regiment were the names of the battles in which the regiment "have borne a meritorious part."

During the civil war a "stand of colors" for a regiment consisted of two flags, the stars and stripes and a state flag or banner. These two were borneside by sideon the march and in thebattle. They were each carried by a sergeant, called a "color sergeant,'' and were guarded by six or eight corporals, constituting what was known as the "color guard." It was a great honor to be chosen for either of these positions, yet dangerous; for the enemy took particular pains inbattleto shoot down the colors. Each regiment had a color company or a color guard, whose assignment was to bear the colors intobattleand protect them. Each member of a color guard or company was selected for this position based on his courage and steadiness under fire, by the Regimental Commanders. The flags were carried by unarmed color sergeants, and accompanied by armed color corporals, who were instructed not to engage in combat unless the flags were in immediate danger of capture, The flags became the physical symbol of a units pride and courage, a rallying point in combat and the source of many heroic deeds in their defense.

from https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/army/regiment-civil-war-colors.htm


Epic Vacations

Bonnie and I operate a small family vacation rental business in Fort Myers Beach Florida and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  (It has nothing to do with Scanlon Plans, Gainsharing, Servant Leadership or Organizational Development).  However if you are interested in staying on a beautiful beach or a Colorado Mountain getaway please check our offerings.


Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Our Beach Condos are located in Southwest Florida.  This area is a water and sun lover's mecca.  If you love to beach-comb, bird watch, fish, kayak or just enjoy sun and sunsets this is the perfect vacation spot.   Please check out www.sunfunbeachcondo.com.


















Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat is world famous as Ski Town, USA.  The town is a wonderful mixture of western ranchers and outdoor enthusiasts. Skiing in all its forms is the main outdoor activity.  (Steamboat trains many Olympic skiers and snowboarders).  Steamboat is known for its "Champagne Powder" and tree skiing.  Steamboat is also home to some of the best mountain biking in the world.  The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route crosses through town and the Continental Divide Hiking trail runs nearby too.  If you would like to vacation in the mountains check out www.vacationtheboat.com.



On this page we feature the main books, videos, and down-loadable articles--all on in one place. If you start here you'll have a good idea of what the Frost Scanlon EPIC Principles are all about and how they are applied.  Many more resources are found throughout this website.  Explore and you will find more videos, podcasts, articles and books.

The Scanlon Plan


The Scanlon Plan: A Better Way 

This video produced by the Scanlon Leadership Network features the Scanlon Plans that were at Herman Miller, Donnelly, Bridgestone and Neelon Castings.  Professionally filmed on location it includes interviews with Dwane Baumgardner then CEO of Donnelly, Dick Ruch of Herman Miller and Peter Kenny of Neelon Castings.  This is a good place to start if you want to learn about the Scanlon Plan and the Scanlon EPIC Principles.


Goalsharing: Tapping the Power of People

Professionally produced for SEARS this video does an excellent job of showing the Scanlon Process in a retail environment.













Books on the Scanlon Plan and the EPIC-Principles

Scanlon EPIC Leadership: Where the Best Ideas Come Together, edited by Paul Davis and Larry Spears

Scanlon EPIC Leadership is the definitive anthology of Scanlon thought and practice.  It contains original articles by Joe Scanlon, Fred Lesieur, Carl Frost and Douglas McGregor as well as current contributions by today's Scanlon thought leaders.  Preface by Waren Bennis and Afterword by  Max DePree.

Changing Forever:  The Well Kept Secret of America's Leading Companies by Carl Frost

Changing Forever was written by one of the greatest change agents and teachers. While working with Dr. Frost, Herman Miller, Donnelly, Motorola and Beth Israel Hospital were all ranked in the top 50 best places to work in AmericaDr. Frost explains the Frost/Scanlon Principles and how they are applied to create individual and organizational excellence.  Changing Forever is the Scanlon bible.

The Leadership Roadmap, People Lean and Innovation by Dwane Baumgardner and Russ Scaffede

Dwane and Russ show how the Scanlon EPIC Principles can be combined with Lean principles to create truly EPIC Organizations.  Russ is a true lean sensei having learned from Toyota at their Georgetown Plant.  He used lean to transform Donnelly, Tiara Yachts and many other organizations.  Dwane is a Scanlon Steward and former CEO of Donnelly. 

Articles Free to Download

Scanlon Plans and the Frost EPIC Principles


Why Scanlon Matters by Paul Davis, Larry Spears, Warren Bennis and Max DePree

Scanlon Gainsharing by Paul Davis

Leadership from Theory to Action by Paul Davis

Principle-Based Participative Management by Terry VandeWater

Exploring Scanlon Workbook by Paul Davis

Beyond the Bucks, the Banners, and the T-Shirts: Motivation/Rewards is About Mutual Respect and Developing People by Karen Wilhelm

Scanlon Principles Lay the Groundwork for Lean by Karen Wilhelm


EPIC Adventures

Travelling allows time to reflect and recharge and it provides endless opportunities to meet new people and to experience "fortuitous encounters."  This section of the web site will feature our latest EPIC adventures.  We have trekked to the grave of Robert Louis Stephenson on Samoa,  traded for molas on the Islands off of Panama, and snorkeled in the Caribbean.  In the summer of 2011 we joined my oldest son Doug as part of the Connecting the Continent Expedition.  We provided support for a documentary project on the longest mountain bike route in the world--that runs from Antelope Wells, Mexico to Banff, Canada along the Continental Divide. 

After seeing the documentary Adventure Cycling Association commissioned a promotional video of the route.




Sailing and the EPIC Organization Logo


Alberta Rose in North Channel

I helped to earn my way through college by teaching sailing.  Many of my best memories are of racing our small sailboat with my Dad on Devil's Lake Michigan.  When I grew up I bought a Trimaran and my family enjoyed crusing and camping in the north channel of Lake Huron on the Alberta Rose.



Houses are but badly built boats so firmly aground that you cannot think of moving them.  They are definitely inferior things, belonging to the vegetable not the animal world, rooted and stationary, incapable of gay transition.  I admit, doubtfully as exceptions, snailshells and caravans.  The desire to build a house is the tired wish of a man content thenceforward with a single anchorage.  The desire to build a boat is the desire of youth, unwilling yet to accept the idea of a final resting-place.

It is for that reason, perhaps, that, when it comes, the desire to build a boat is one of those that cannot be resisted.  It begins as a little cloud on a serene horizon.  It ends by covering the whole sky, so that you can think of nothing else.   You must build to regain your freedom.  And always you comfort yourself with the thought that yours will be the perfect boat, the boat that you may search the harbors of the world for and not find.   
     Jonathan Cape













Coquina in Fort Myers


I am now sailing a small Ketch Coquina.  She is the perfect one-person boat for exploring the bays and mangroves of Southwest Florida.

The EPIC-Organizations logo is based on the "center of effort" of a sailboat.  Sailing teaches that you cannot change the direction of the wind and waves but if you adjust your sails and use your skills you can steer and move.

Organizational leaders like sailors who want to move forward must gather the energy around them, constantly adjust to changes in the environment, set a course, and steer the organization forward.  The sure-thing boat just like the sure-thing organization never gets very far from shore.




Scanlon-the man and the Plan

scanlonplateLearn about Joseph N. Scanlon, the father of employee involvement, gainsharing, and labor-management cooperation.


EPIC Resources

Native RTL SupportLet us help you put the pieces together to create your own EPIC-Organization.  Here you will find research, articles, and books on Leadership, Scanlon Plans, and Gainsharing

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