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 ELGA EPIC-Organization Case Study


ELGA Credit Union in Burton, Michigan has become the latest organization and the second credit union to use the Scanlon Process.  All ELGA Associates voted over 86% in September 2011 to implement their plan they call  "The ELGA Way". 

ELGA used the classic Frost/Scanlon Roadmap for change. The process started when Karen Church, CEO, attended a Colloquium at Loyola University Chicago sponsored by the Filene Research Institute. (Filene is the research arm of the Credit Union Movement in America).  The Colloquium featured presentations by two award winning Scanlon Organizations---Watermark Credit Union and Landscape Forms, Inc.  The Colloquium was facilitated by Dr. Dow Scott and myself.

ELGA Credit Union has a culture that encourages associate engagement and community service.  Karen believed the Scanlon Process fit the culture of ELGA.  Karen then developed a "Mandate for Change" explaining why ELGA needed to change.  (ELGA's members have been hard hit by the economic recession in Michigan that has hit the greater Flint region extremely hard). She shared her mandate with the Executive Team of ELGA and asked if they should explore the Scanlon Process to help them respond to the mandate.

The ELGA Executive Team voted to proceed and they engaged me to help.  The Scanlon Process requires Servant Leaders to be successful so we began by reading The Leader as Servant by Robert Greenleaf and Leadership is an Art by Scanlon Steward and best selling author Max DePree.  The Team discussed Servant Leadership and decided that this form of leadership is currently the way ELGA is led and the way they want ELGA to be led into the future.

A Design Team was created made up of representatives of the various departments and branches of the Credit Union to create a Scanlon Plan unique to ELGA.  The Design Team was organized into four sub-teams representing the four EPIC Frost/Scanlon Principles of Equity, Participation, Identity and Competence.

An Associate Survey was conducted to benchmark the current level of engagement.

The Design Team toured two Scanlon Organizations....Landscape Forms  and SGS Tool Company.  Lean methods common to manufacturing but not so common in the financial services industry were studied.

The Design Team created The ELGA Way Scanlon Plan and presented it to the Board of Directors where it was approved.

The Design Team them presented the plan to all Associates and asked for a confidential vote to try the plan for a trial period.  Before the vote ELGA created a parody of a music video to launch the ELGA Way.  The video shows the energy and enthusiasm of the Associates.



ELGA Music Video about their Credit Union (used in a contest to win a plasma TV!)



The ELGA Way Plan officially started October 1, 2011. 


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