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EPIC Adventures

Travelling allows time to reflect and recharge and it provides endless opportunities to meet new people and to experience "fortuitous encounters."  This section of the web site will feature our latest EPIC adventures.  We have trekked to the grave of Robert Louis Stephenson on Samoa,  traded for molas on the Islands off of Panama, and snorkeled in the Caribbean.  In the summer of 2011 we joined my oldest son Doug as part of the Connecting the Continent Expedition.  We provided support for a documentary project on the longest mountain bike route in the world--that runs from Antelope Wells, Mexico to Banff, Canada along the Continental Divide. 

After seeing the documentary Adventure Cycling Association commissioned a promotional video of the route.




Scanlon-the man and the Plan

scanlonplateLearn about Joseph N. Scanlon, the father of employee involvement, gainsharing, and labor-management cooperation.


EPIC Resources

Native RTL SupportLet us help you put the pieces together to create your own EPIC-Organization.  Here you will find research, articles, and books on Leadership, Scanlon Plans, and Gainsharing

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