What are EPIC-Organizations?

EPIC-Organizations are places where people want to shop, work, and invest.  They make products or provide services that meet the needs of humanity.  They are trusted partners with their suppliers and good citizens in their communities.  They produce in ways that cause the least amount of waste and harm to the environment. EPIC stands for the four Frost/Scanlon Principles of Equity, Participation, Identity and Competence. This site contains free articles, podcasts, Scanlon Plans and videos on the EPIC Processes and links where you can find books for sale.  It is  the home of a Consultancy where you can get  more help. 

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Scanlon Plan Success Stories


Learn how Scanlon Organizations have created EPIC Cultures in Manufacturing, Health Care, Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications, etc.

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Epic Vacations

Epic Vacations

Bonnie and I operate a small family vacation rental business in Fort Myers Beach Florida and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  (It has nothing to do with Scanlon Plans, Gainsharing, Servant Leadership or Organizational Development).  However if you are interested in staying on a beautiful beach or a Colorado Mountain getaway please check our offerings.


Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Our Beach Condos are located in Southwest Florida.  This area is a water and sun lover's mecca.  If you love to beach-comb, bird watch, fish, kayak or just enjoy sun and sunsets this is the perfect vacation spot.   Please check out www.sunfunbeachcondo.com.


















Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat is world famous as Ski Town, USA.  The town is a wonderful mixture of western ranchers and outdoor enthusiasts. Skiing in all its forms is the main outdoor activity.  (Steamboat trains many Olympic skiers and snowboarders).  Steamboat is known for its "Champagne Powder" and tree skiing.  Steamboat is also home to some of the best mountain biking in the world.  The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route crosses through town and the Continental Divide Hiking trail runs nearby too.  If you would like to vacation in the mountains check out www.vacationtheboat.com.


Organizational Culture Surveys


EPIC-Organizations will help you assess your organization's cultural strengths and weaknesses using state of the art Culture, Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys.  We help develop leadership and teams using a variety of diagnostic tools. 


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Gainsharing/Goalsharing/Profit Sharing



Our methods are featured in every major compensation book!  We help you design Gainsharing/Goalsharing/ProfitSharing Systems that truly tie pay to performance!  We help your organization with gainmaking as well as gainsharing.  Lean/Six Sigma practices were pioneered in Frost/Scanlon Organizations.  Learn how to turbo charge your lean program and create a high performance culture.

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Download the ABC's of Gainsharing and learn how.

Scanlon Servant Leadership

Scanlon Leaders are servant leaders.  If you are a servant leader looking for organizational theory and practice that can help you lead organizational change and create cultures of excellence consider the proven template of the Frost/Scanlon EPIC Principles and Processes.


Why Scanlon Matters by Larry Spears, Warren Bennis and Max DePree

Scanlon-the man and the Plan

scanlonplateLearn about Joseph N. Scanlon, the father of employee involvement, gainsharing, and labor-management cooperation.


EPIC Resources

Native RTL SupportLet us help you put the pieces together to create your own EPIC-Organization.  Here you will find research, articles, and books on Leadership, Scanlon Plans, and Gainsharing

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